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Civil rights are the protections and privileges of personal power given to all citizens by law.

 Civil rights are distinguished from "human rights" or "natural rights", also called "our God-given rights"



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Cameron M Cunningham
719 Orchard St, Santa Rosa, CA 707 523-3744

David Grabill
Santa Rosa, CA 707 528-6839

Maximilian JB Hopkins Pro Crp
Maximilian Hopkins
7665 Redwood Blvd # 200, Novato, CA 415 893-1200

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act is the principal federal statute with regard to [employment discrimination] prohibiting unlawful employment discrimination by public and private employers, [labor organizations], training programs and employment agencies based on race or color, religion, sex, and national origin. Retaliation is also prohibited by Title VII against any person for opposing any practice forbidden by statute, or for making a charge, testifying, assisting, or participating in a proceeding under the statute. The Civil Rights Act of 1991 expanded the damages available to Title VII cases and granted Title VII plaintiffs the right to jury trial.
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