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Jails in the United States are different from prisons. Jails are typically operated by city or

county governments, and house prisoners who are being detained before trial or serving sentences less than one year. Approximately half of the U.S. jail population consists of pretrial detainees who have not been convicted or sentenced. Prisoners serving terms longer than one year are typically housed in correctional facilities operated by state governments. Unlike most state prisons, a jail usually houses both men and women who in separate portions of the same facility. Some jails lease space to house inmates from the federal government, state prisons or from other counties for profit.

As of 2005, local jails held or supervised 819,434 offenders. Nine percent of these offenders were in programs such as community service, work release, weekend reporting, electronic monitoring, and other alternative programs.







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California Probate Referees
3030 Bridgeway, Sausalito, CA 415 331-8873

Marin County Consumer Protection
3501 Civic Center Dr # 130, San Rafael, CA 415 499-6495

Marin County Coroner
3501 Civic Center Dr # 241, San Rafael, CA 415 499-6043

Marin County District Attorney
7655 Redwood Blvd, Novato, CA 415 507-4068

Marin County Family Mediation
1450 Lucas Valley Rd, San Rafael, CA 415 499-7187

Marin County Grand Jury
San Rafael, CA 415 499-6132

Marin County Jail - Jail
13 Peter Behr Dr, San Rafael, CA 415 499-7316

Marin County Juvenile Hall
16 Jeannette Prandi Way, San Rafael, CA 415 499-6705

Marin County Jury Commissioner
3501 Civic Center Dr # 244, San Rafael, CA 415 499-6063

Marin County Juvenile Service Center
4 Jeannette Prandi Way, San Rafael, CA 415 499-6659

Marin County Mediation Svc
30 N San Pedro Rd # 170, San Rafael, CA 415 499-7454

Marin County Public Defender
3501 Civic Center Dr # 139, San Rafael, CA 415 499-6321

Marin County Superior Court    - Court

3501 Civic Center Dr # C10, San Rafael, CA 415 473-7545

Mediation Services
3501 Civic Center Dr # 402, San Rafael, CA 415 507-4054
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